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Kids Casts

There is not much worse than seeing your child suffering. Broken bones can be painful and uncomfortable. Unfortunately traditional casts are also annoying and uncomfortable. This makes the 4-6 weeks of healing following a broken bone frustrating and exhausting. Then at the end of all that the bone may not be in the right spot causing long term problems in your child’s hand or arm. That’s why we work so hard to improve the journey

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Skin – the ultimate gift wrap ;)

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It has a variety of functions including: Keeping all the important stuff inside 😉 Temperature regulation Sensation Synthesis Fluid and electrolyte balance Protection from: Injury UV damage Pathogens Fluid and electrolyte loss Absorption of some vitamins like Vitamin D   What are the normal effects of aging on skin? Decreased: Fatty layers Collagen and elastin fibres Dermal thickness (thinning of the skin) Sensation Metabolism Sweat glands Subcutaneous

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The Exquisite Hand

  Our hands work in exquisite ways to grip, lift, push, pull, pinch and grasp. They are so involved in all of our daily activities that we completely take them for granted. In order to understand how much we rely on our hands all we have to do is try not to use one hand, or even one finger, for a day. This is why the most common thing my clients say to me is:

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