Finger Dislocations

Finger dislocations are very common and very painful injuries! They can occur from falls, sports or any high sideways impact to the finger.




They can relocate themselves or else you should present at the Emergency Department or General Practitioner for the Doctors to relocate the joint without causing further damage.

Hand Therapy is beneficial for these injuries to:

  • Manage the pain
  • Manage the swelling (oedema)
  • Prevent further deformity/complications
  • Assist with diagnosis of ligament injuries and/or joint instability
  • Help you to get back to your normal hand use as quickly as possible

Some of the techniques a Hand Therapist will use:

  • Compression bandaging or taping
  • Buddy strapping to protect the joint
  • Design of support and protection to fit in with your lifestyle
  • Activity modification education and practice
  • Electrotherapies
  • Hot and/or cold therapy


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