Kids Casts

There is not much worse than seeing your child suffering.

Broken bones can be painful and uncomfortable. Unfortunately traditional casts are also annoying and uncomfortable. This makes the 4-6 weeks of healing following a broken bone frustrating and exhausting. Then at the end of all that the bone may not be in the right spot causing long term problems in your child’s hand or arm.

That’s why we work so hard to improve the journey for you and your child. Some of the benefits of seeing us are:

  • We specialise in the hand and arm meaning we have comprehensive knowledge of immobilisation protocols, healing principles and timeframes
  • Our casts are waterproof! This means no bath time trauma of trying to keep a little one’s cast dry and no one has to miss out on swimming fun!
  • We have lots of colours and patterns to choose from
  • We take great care to maximise their function while keeping the bone safe. For example we will not stop their hands from gripping their pen at school unless we have to for the bone
  • Any questions or concerns we are available to set your mind at ease


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