I take my hat off to rural and remote health practitioners! There is no room for specialisation in a rural/remote posting, you guys have to be specialists in everything! As I hail from a remote cattle station, and continue to spend much of my time in the ‘bush’ I have a very good understanding of the breadth of skills and commitment my rural colleagues have.

I also understand that although it is an incredible rewarding position to hold, being a rural health professional can also be very isolating and daunting. That’s why I offer mentoring. I want to help bridge the gap between rural/remote health and urban health.

While we do have our Consulting Service, the mentoring program is a little different. Mentoring includes:

  • Once a month one on one mentoring session
    • phone, skype, in person
  • Phone questions for urgent assistance
  • Email questions
  • Work shadowing to upskill here at AHHT
  • Access to the AHHT educational and patient resources

The program is designed to meet your needs, therefore we can customise the program to suit you.

Please contact us to arrange our complimentary initial meeting to see if we are a good fit for each other!

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