What We Do

‘I didn’t realise how much I use my hand before my injury!’

This is the most common thing our clients say to us. We use our hands (and therefore our wrists, arms, elbows and shoulders) for absolutely everything.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to taking your hands for granted?

To be able to get dressed in the morning and make your breakfast….to be able to pick up the special little person in your life…to be able to play sport…do your work properly…exercise…drive…just do the things you want to do how you want to do them…without feeling pain or clumsiness.

HERE’S THE THING: It is so easy to get on the road to recovery!




Advanced Health & Hand Therapy offers a variety of innovative and research backed services to ensure the health and function of your arms and hands. We understand the importance and value of your hands and arms! Therefore you can be assured that we will do our absolute best to get you back to the things YOU want to do!

All treatment programs will be custom designed FOR YOU, and no one person will have exactly the same treatment as another. We treat all upper limb and hand conditions and injuries. Some of the treatments we use are:

  • Splinting
    • to protect healing tissues
    • to promote healing
    • to stretch stiff joints
    • to increase function
    • to reduce pain
  • Wound care
    • the faster the wound heals the better the scar tissue
    • to reduce pain
    • the faster the wound heals, the faster you can get back to having a proper shower!
  • Scar management
    • scars can limit movement of skin, tendons, nerves – we work to prevent this
    • to get the best aesthetic outcome
  • Casting
    • to protect healing bones
    • to promote healing
    • to reduce pain
  • Oedema┬ámanagement
    • to reduce swelling
      • promote healing
      • improve movement
      • reduce pain
  • Electrical modalities
    • to promote healing
    • to reduce pain
  • Range of movement interventions
    • to get movement back
    • to allow use of your joints
  • Strengthening
    • to get back to full function post injury
    • to take your crossfit/gym program to the next level!
  • Soft tissue treatment
    • therapeutic massage techniques
      • to lengthen tissues
      • to promote blood flow and healing
      • to reduce pain
  • Hot/cold therapy
    • to promote healing
    • to reduce pain
    • to encourage lubrication of joints (heat)
    • to reduce swelling (cold)
    • to increase movement (heat)

Due to the high level of training undertaken by our therapists, you can be assured we will always be using the most up to date, and best proven treatment to reach your goals.


Come and see us at our Townsville Hand Therapy Practice!

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