Top 5 Tips for Tennis Elbow!

What is Tennis Elbow?

Lateral Epicondylagia or more commonly known as Tennis Elbow is a condition where the muscles of the forearm pull on the lateral epicondyle of the elbow (outside bone) and cause micro tears in the muscle. These muscles bend the wrist backwards and help us form a tight fist and it is often an overuse of these movements that causes the pain.

Top 5 Ways to Help Tennis Elbow



  1. Rest: 
    • Rest seems straight forward but what you have to rest is the muscles that move your wrist backwards and straighten your fingers. This means keeping your wrist in a neutral position, even when resting



  1. Apply ice to the sore spot on the elbow:
    • Ice can help reduce the swelling and inflammation over the bone where the muscles are torn and stressed


  1. Apply heat to the muscles in the forearm:
    • Although it seems strange to use both heat and ice for the same condition; it does help! Heat to the forearm muscles helps them to relax and stop pulling tight on the bone


  1. Stretch the muscles in the forearm:
    • Hold your arm straight out in front and bend your wrist downwards. If you like you can use your other hand to apply a gentle pressure to the back of your hand to get a better stretch. It shouldn’t be a painful stretch – if you push too hard then you could cause more damage.


  1. Massage the forearm muscles:
    • Massage will help the muscles to relax and stop pulling on the bone. Better yet: treat yourself to a professional full body massage!