What is Hand Therapy?



Hand Therapy involves the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the entire arm – not just the hand. This specialty arose following WWII when occupational therapists and physiotherapists identified the need for further specialised skills to adequately treat the vets returning with arm and hand injuries.


3 arms anatomy 2

The intricate and complicated anatomy of the structures that we rely on to write our name and feed ourselves demands an extremely high level of competence from the therapists treating this area.

The term ‘Hand Therapist’ is reserved for those who have passed the stringent process to become a Certified Hand Therapist. Hand Therapists can be occupational therapists or physiotherapists who have a passion for hands and arms that pushes them to put in many hours of study, research and practice to pass the Hand Therapy Certification process.

I am very proud to call myself a Hand Therapist. I am very passionate about learning about our hands; how they work, what’s inside them and the evolution of our grasp patterns. This has made it a lot easier to put in the many hours of learning it takes to pass the Certified Hand Therapist exam.

We use our hands for so many of our everyday activities that we don’t even think about it. We take our hands for granted. When something goes wrong and the function of our hands decreases it impacts on everything from our ability to care for ourselves, to our play/leisure activities, to our ability to express love and our work tasks. That’s why I love being a Hand Therapist. I love that the hours of learning I do have a direct result on the ability of my client’s to use their hands.

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